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Cérémonie de remise des diplômes du P.E.T. 15/11/2019

Extraits du discours de Monsieur Altemayer

"I would like to thank you for having responded in such a great number for the fourth graduation ceremony that honors the MET Class of 2019.

Last year, thirty students in the third grade sat for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test exam and brilliantly succeeded. I congratulate you all.

With this qualification, you have reached a level of proficiency and excellence that would inspire you to go even further.

During your schooling at Saint Thérèse college, you have managed to juggle between the compulsory courses and the specificity of your section. Your merit, endurance and performance justify your presence here tonight.

The teachers enjoyed helping you to be at your best.

Reading, writing and speaking fluently in English will help you in your studies. That was our aim when we started the MET section. Congratulations for your results and the progress you have made. So, keep it up.

I would also like to thank and congratulate the teaching body, that is, the National Education English teachers and the M.E.T. teachers for their commitment and collaboration at all times. They have put at your disposal the means to lead you to success.

Tonight, this ceremony honors your second diploma from Cambridge University and we will respect the tradition of the ceremony the gown and the throwing of the cap.

Your cap will be embellished with a new tassel indicating the year of the new diploma.

I would like to conclude by thanking you for the organization and the excellent relationship we have had with the ILC France service, accredited by the University of Cambridge.
Finally, I am proud of and honored about the results achieved by the 2019 promotion. I congratulate you and encourage you to go even further".